CSP Makes 147 Drugged Driving & DUI Arrests Over 4/20 Weekend

April 24, 2015

Our Denver DUI lawyer points out the DUI arrests made by CSP troopers over the 4/20 weekend. Contact us for the best DUI defense.

Our Denver DUI lawyer points out the DUI arrests made by CSP troopers over the 4/20 weekend. Contact us for the best DUI defense.

From 6pm on Friday April 17th through 2am on Monday April 20th, troopers with the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) reportedly arrested 147 people for alleged drugged and/or drunk driving offenses. As the CSP reports, over this 56-hour period:

  • There were about 600 CSP troopers, including the Chief, out in force.
  • While about 100 of these troopers were stationed at Colorado ports of entry, sobriety checkpoints were also set up throughout the state to target impaired motorists.
  • These 4/20 DUI enforcement efforts were scheduled to coincide with the national Toward Zero Death campaign, which is focused on reducing the number of traffic-related fatalities in the U.S. to zero.

Additional CSP Arrests, Activities Over 4/20 Weekend

In addition to making nearly 150 drugged driving & DUI arrests this past weekend, CSP also reportedly:

  • Investigated 54 traffic accidents in which alcohol and/or drug use was allegedly involved
  • Investigated more than 200 other traffic accident cases
  • Issued 478 citations for distracted driving
  • Made about 80 misdemeanor arrests (for offenses unrelated to alleged DUIs)
  • Made 22 felony arrests (for offenses unrelated to impaired driving)
  • Recovered 15 stolen vehicles.

More DUI Arrests to Come as CSP Turns Up the Heat on Impaired Drivers

The DUI arrests made by CSP troopers over the 4/20 weekend are just the beginning of the agencies’ springtime and summer enforcement efforts, as CSP will be running a number of stepped up DUI enforcement campaigns:

  • Via the Heat is On campaign
  • Over the course of various upcoming holidays, including Memorial Day and July 4th.

So, if you will be out celebrating during these holidays – or any time when alcohol may be involved – being aware of these enforcement efforts and finding a sober driver can help you stay safe and avoid a DUI arrest.

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