Misdemeanor Charges

The Broomfield misdemeanor defense attorney at the Griffin Law Firm can help you resolve your misdemeanor criminal case as efficiently and beneficially as possible.

The Griffin Law Firm can help you resolve your misdemeanor criminal case as efficiently and beneficially as possible.

Although misdemeanor charges are less serious than felony criminal charges, they can still result in some harsh, potentially long-term penalties upon conviction. Specifically, jail time, creating a criminal record and expensive fines can all be imposed on the accused when they are convicted of a misdemeanor crime. What can make matters worse, however, are the facts that misdemeanor convictions may also result in:

  • The loss of professional licenses such as a medical license or teaching credential, which can trigger the loss of a person’s career
  • The loss of certain rights, such as the right to possess a firearm or the right to drive
  • Significant financial setbacks, which could force a person into bankruptcy
  • Permanent damage to a person’s reputation
  • Irreversible damage to personal relationships, including family members.

With all that is potentially at stake when a person is facing misdemeanor charges, it’s crucial that the accused work with an experienced defense lawyer to ensure that:

  • Their rights are fully protected.
  • Their best interests are being championed at every step of the legal process.

At the Griffin Law Firm, criminal defense attorney Christopher Griffin:

  • Is highly experienced at building the strongest possible defense for those accused of misdemeanors
  • Is a fierce litigator and a skilled negotiator with a proven track record of successfully going up against prosecutors whether during trial proceedings or plea deal discussions
  • Is committed to helping the accused get their misdemeanor charges reduced or even dismissed when at all possible.

Misdemeanor Practice Areas

Some of the specific types of misdemeanor cases the Griffin Law Firm can help resolve include:

  • Violent misdemeanor crimes, including assault and domestic violence
  • Sex misdemeanor crimes, such as prostitution, soliciting and indecent exposure
  • Property misdemeanor crimes, including shoplifting, trespassing, petty theft and vandalism
  • White collar misdemeanor crimes, including fraud, forgery and some computer crimes
  • Traffic misdemeanor crimes, such as DUI and careless driving
  • Drug misdemeanor crimes, such as possession.

Defense Strategies in Misdemeanor Cases

While we tailor our defense strategies to the specific type of charges our clients face as well as the unique circumstances of their case, some defense arguments we may use to help you fight misdemeanor charges can include arguing that:

  • Police illegally obtained evidence.
  • Police failed to read you your Miranda rights upon your arrest.
  • You have been mistaken for the individual who actually committed the offense in question.
  • Witnesses have wrongfully accused you of the crime to try to ruin your reputation or exact revenge on you for some reason.
  • There is insufficient evidence to warrant the given charges.

Defending You against Misdemeanor Charges

If you or your loved one has been arrested for and/or formally charged with any misdemeanor crime – regardless of whether you may have prior convictions, we are ready to immediately start providing you with the strongest possible defense. The Griffin Law Firm will work relentlessly to help you obtain the best possible outcome to your case because we are committed to upholding the ideal that the accused are innocent until proven guilty. The Griffin Law Firm offers clients more than 18 years of criminal law experience. Part of this experience is aggressively defending the rights of the accused for the past four years.

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