Criminal Defense Practice Areas

The Griffin Law Firm specializes in building the strongest possible defense for those accused of a crime such as DUIs, drug crimes, violent crimes and property crimes.

The Griffin Law Firm specializes in building the strongest possible defense for those accused of a crime such as DUIs, drug crimes, violent crimes and property crimes.

Being arrested for and charged with a crime can be as frightening as it is stressful, especially when considering the possibility of being convicted, being sentenced to jail or prison time and being forced to endure other harsh penalties. If you find yourself in this position, you can turn to the Griffin Law Firm and rely on us to:

  • Immediately start defending you against both police and prosecutors.
  • Aggressively assert your rights both inside and outside of the courtroom.
  • Help you obtain the best possible outcome to your case so that you can focus on your future.

Here’s an overview of the specific types of cases our defense practice is dedicated to successfully resolving.

Drug Crimes Cases

Drug crimes charges – and the best defense against them – will typically depend on the type and amount of drugs associated with a case, as well as the circumstances of the arrest.

When drug charges are filed as felonies or federal charges, having the Griffin Law Firm on your side will be critical to minimizing the possibility of conviction and/or the potential negative impacts of these charges.

DUI Cases

DUI charges can be far more devastating than people may realize, as they will trigger two cases – the DUI criminal case with the courts and the DUI administrative case with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Because the outcomes of both of these cases can have long-term impacts on your career, your driving privileges and even your finances, make sure you have the best defense against DUI charges by retaining the experienced Denver metro area DUI attorney at the Griffin Law Firm.

Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence charges can be as stigmatized as they may be serious. In fact, even being associated with these charges can damage your personal and professional reputation – and, in the most serious cases, your family and your future.

With the Griffin Law Firm defending you against domestic violence charges, you will have the best chances of building the strongest possible defense and obtaining the best possible resolution to your case.

Assault Cases

Classified as an extraordinary risk crime, assault charges can be very serious, and they can come with particularly harsh sentences upon conviction. Regardless of whether assault charges are filed as felony or misdemeanor charges, however, having the Griffin Law Firm on your side to defend you against these charges will be pivotal to your defense and your future.

Weapons Cases

Despite the Second Amendment granting people the right to bear arms, this right does not necessarily extend to some people – particularly people who may have been convicted of certain offenses in the past.

When facing weapons charges, the accused can count on the Griffin Law Firm to provide them with the strongest possible defense and to help them resolve their weapons charges as favorably as possible.

Theft Cases

The severity of theft charges typically hinges on the value of the allegedly stolen property, with the most severe cases of alleged theft involving serious felony charges that threaten a significant amount of prison time upon conviction.

Regardless of the severity of the theft charges a person is facing, the accused can rely on the trusted Denver metro area criminal defense attorney at the Griffin Law Firm to aggressively defend them and help them obtain the best possible outcome to their case.

Other Felony Offenses

Because felony offenses are among the most serious criminal charges people can face, these cases typically carry the possibility of jail or prison time and other harsh penalties.

In these cases, the skilled legal professionals at the Griffin Law Firm will be ready to:

  • Vigorously defend the accused
  • Minimize the chances of conviction
  • Mitigate any potential negative impacts these charges may have on their lives.

Other Misdemeanor Crimes

While less serious than felony crimes, misdemeanor criminal charges are no less important to defend yourself against, as some of these charges may be associated with penalties that could significantly harm your career, your finances and your reputation, if not take away your freedom for some time.

If you are facing misdemeanor charges, it’s time to contact the Griffin Law Firm to ensure you have the best chances of resolving these charges as expeditiously as possible.

Juvenile Crimes Cases

Whether your child was in the wrong place at the wrong time or simply made a mistake and finds himself charged with a juvenile crime, you can count on the Denver metro area criminal defense lawyer at the Griffin Law Firm to be ready to protect his rights and resolve his case as expeditiously as possible.

We know that children and adolescents will test their boundaries and may not always make the best choices, and we are here to help them get past their criminal case so they can get back on the right path and look towards their bright future.

In addition to these criminal cases, the respected legal defense practice at the Griffin Law Firm is also focused on representing people accused of probations violations and people who are looking to get their criminal records sealed.

The Griffin Law Firm: We Can Help You Make the

Right Legal Move

Facing any type of criminal charges – including both misdemeanor and felony charges – is an extremely serious matter, as a conviction could cost you your reputation, your career, your family and even your freedom. At the Griffin Law Firm, our criminal defense attorney will work relentlessly to try to help accused individuals:

  • Get the charges against them reduced or potentially even dismissed altogether
  • Minimize their chances of convictions
  • Secure the best possible outcomes to their cases.

The Griffin Law Firm offers clients more than 18 years of criminal law experience. Part of this experience is aggressively defending the rights of the accused for the past four years.

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