Juvenile Crimes

The Denver metro area juvenile crimes defense attorney at the Griffin Law Firm can aggressively defend your child’s rights and help resolve his case as favorably as possible.

The Denver metro area juvenile crimes defense attorney at the Griffin Law Firm can aggressively defend your child’s rights and help resolve his case as favorably as possible.

In 2012, more than 6,400 juveniles in Colorado were arrested for and accused of committing violent crimes or property crimes, according to the Colorado Department of Public Safety. While this has continued the steady decline in juvenile arrest rates that has been occurring in Colorado since about 2008, thousands of juveniles still have to contend with the complicated legal system and, in the unfortunate event of a conviction, may have to endure some harsh penalties. In fact, when a juvenile is convicted of a crime, he or she may.

  • Be incarcerated in a juvenile correction facility. In the worst cases when juveniles are prosecuted as adults they can be incarcerated in an adult jail or prison upon conviction.
  • Be ordered to complete community service and/or attend court-ordered therapy
  • Lose driving privileges
  • Have a criminal record for years to come or even for life
  • Lose other future opportunities, such as the chance to go to college or pursue the career of choice.

At the Griffin Law Firm, we understand that children may make mistakes and like to test their boundaries and that sometimes this behavior can cause them to break the law and become ensnared in the legal system.When this happens, getting your child the best possible defense lawyer will be crucial to:

  • Minimizing the possibility of conviction
  • Trying to get the charges against your child reduced or, when possible, dropped altogether
  • Helping your child get through the complicated legal process as favorably as possible to be able to move on with his or her life.

Juvenile Crimes Practice Areas

With more than 17 years of experience practicing criminal law, our criminal defense lawyer Christopher Griffin has a proven track record of successfully defending juvenile defendants against a number of different charges, including but not limited to charges related to:

  • Assault and other violent crimes
  • Theft, shoplifting, vandalism and other property crimes
  • Sexual assault, indecent exposure, soliciting and other sex crimes
  • Drug possession, distribution and other drug crimes
  • DUIs, careless driving and other traffic offenses.

If your child has been charged with any juvenile crime, the Griffin Law Firm is ready to immediately start providing your child with the strongest possible defense both outside and inside the courtroom. The Griffin Law Firm offers clients more than 18 years of criminal law experience. Part of this experience is aggressively defending the rights of the accused for the past four years.

Regardless of whether the chargers are misdemeanors or felonies or whether your child has prior criminal convictions, we will work relentlessly to resolve the case as favorably as possible. In fact, our steadfast commitment to the ideal that the accused are innocent until proven guilty means that we will do everything in our power to weaken the prosecutor’s case at every stage of the legal process.

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