Westminster DUI, Assault and Drug Charges Attorney

While being accused of DUI, assault and drug crimes can be as stressful as it may be humiliating, it’s important for the accused to know that:

  • The Westminster DUI, assault and drug charges attorney at the Griffin Law Firm can provide the accused with the strongest possible defense against criminal charges.

    The Westminster DUI, assault and drug charges attorney at the Griffin Law Firm can provide the accused with the strongest possible defense against criminal charges.

    Simply being charged with a crime does NOT mean they will be convicted.

  • They will have the best chances of favorably resolving their criminal cases by entrusting their defense to experienced the Westminster criminal defense attorney at the Griffin Law Firm.

DUI Attorney in Westminster

Whether you are facing DUI charges for the first time or you have prior DUI convictions, the Westminster DUI attorney at the Griffin Law Firm will be ready to help you build the strongest possible defense against these charges. The facts are that police and others can make mistakes when investigating and building these cases, and these mistakes can be crucial to getting:

  • Evidence against you thrown out of court
  • The charges against you reduced or possibly even dismissed.

Some examples of these mistakes or other errors that can bolster DUI defense cases include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Police failing to properly calibrate or administer breathalyzers, which can result in inaccurate BAC test results
  • Improper procedures being used for DUI blood tests, which can also be used to challenge the accuracy of the BAC test results
  • Police failing to read people their Miranda rights prior to DUI arrests
  • Police failing to lawfully conduct sobriety checkpoints
  • Police conducting illegal searches of the accused individual’s property.

Attorney for Assault Charges in Westminster, CO

Assault charges can be extremely serious, particularly when they are filed as felonies. However, as with DUI charges, there are a number of different defense strategies that can be effectively used to weaken prosecutors’ cases.

While the best defense for assault charges will depend on the specifics of a particular case, in general, it may be possible to argue that:

  • There was provocation in the case (i.e., the accused was provoked by the alleged victim).
  • The incident occurred in the “heat of passion.”
  • The alleged victim may have made false allegations to try to damage the reputation of the accused (or potentially even gain the upper hand in other court proceedings – like, for instance, in child custody cases).

When facing assault charges, be sure to contact the Westminster assault attorney at the Griffin Law Firm for the best chances of resolving your case as favorably as possible.

Attorney for Drug Charges in Westminster

In general, the type (i.e., schedule) of a drug, as well as the amount of the drug associated with the case, will affect the severity of the charges a person faces. The Westminster drug defense attorney at the Griffin Law Firm is well-versed in all of the issues that come into play with drug charges, and he has extensive experience mounting strong defense cases for various types of narcotics charges, including (but not limited to) those that involve allegations of:

  • Possession
  • Distribution and sale
  • Manufacturing and cultivation
  • Drug trafficking
  • Misdemeanor drug charges
  • Felony drug charges.

Westminster Municipal Courthouse

The Westminster Courthouse, where criminal charges are resolved in this city, is located at:

3030 Turnpike, Dr.
Westminster, CO 80030

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