Felony Offenses

The Broomfield felony defense attorney at the Griffin Law Firm will work tirelessly to help you try to get your felony charges reduced or possibly even dropped altogether.

The Griffin Law Firm will work to get your felony charges resolved or reduced while representing your legal interest.

Felony criminal charges are the most serious allegations that a person can face. As such, they can involve significant jail or prison time if the accused individual is ultimately convicted of these charges. In fact, in addition to being sentenced to a period of incarceration, a person convicted of a felony crime may also be sentenced to:

  • Pay expensive fines
  • Undergo some period of court-ordered supervision (i.e., probation or parole)
  • Attend some type of court-ordered education or therapy program (such as anger management courses, alcohol education courses, drug rehabilitation programs, etc.)
  • In rare cases, death although the death penalty is reserved for the most serious felony cases.

What can be just as devastating as these court-ordered penalties for felony convictions are some of the other repercussions that an individual may experience; specifically, these can include irreversible damage to one’s personal and professional reputation, as well as to his career and possibly even his family and future.

Given all that is at stake when felony criminal charges are filed, it’s vital that the accused work with an experienced defense attorney to ensure that their rights are fully protected and that their best interests are being championed at every step of the legal process. Criminal defense attorney Christopher Griffin is extremely experienced with handling felony cases and:

  • Is extremely experienced at building the strongest possible defense for those accused of felonies
  • Is a fierce litigator with a proven track record of successfully going up against prosecutors both outside and inside of the courtroom
  • Is committed to helping the accused get their felony charges reduced or even dismissed when at all possible.

Some of the specific types of felony cases the Griffin Law Firm handles include:

  • Violent felony crimes, including assault, domestic violence, manslaughter and homicide
  • Sex felony crimes, such as sexual assault, sexual exploitation of a minor, Internet luring and possession of child pornography
  • Property felony crimes, including arson, vehicular theft, grand theft, robbery and burglary
  • Drug felony crimes, such as distribution and drug trafficking
  • White collar felony crimes, including Internet crime, fraud and embezzlement
  • Traffic felony crimes, such as hit-and-run accidents, vehicular assault and vehicular manslaughter

If you or your loved one has been arrested for and/or formally charged with any felony crime – regardless of whether you may have prior convictions, we are ready to immediately start providing you with the strongest possible defense, and our criminal defense lawyer will work relentlessly to help you obtain the best possible outcome to your case.

In fact, our unflinching commitment to the notion that the accused are innocent until proven guilty means that we will do everything in our power to weaken the prosecutor’s case at every stage of the legal process. The Griffin Law Firm offers clients more than 18 years of criminal law experience. Part of this experience is aggressively defending the rights of the accused for the past four years.

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