Colorado DUI Probation: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 3)

March 8, 2015

Concluding our blog series Colorado DUI Probation: 6 Facts to Know, below are some more important facts that you may need to be aware of if you or someone you love is currently dealing with a DUI case in Colorado.

Colorado DUI Probation: Additional Important Info

Fact #5 – Violations of Colorado DUI probation can land people in more legal trouble.

While these facts about Colorado DUI probation are important to know, contact the Griffin Law Firm when you need the best DUI defense.

While these facts about Colorado DUI probation are important to know, contact the Griffin Law Firm when you need the best DUI defense.

The reason that abiding by Colorado DUI probation is so important is that, when people don’t:

  • They can face additional criminal charges – At the very least, people can be charged with violating their probation (with the severity of this charge hinging on the nature of the alleged violation). What’s more is that, if the alleged violation was the result of committing a new criminal offense, people can be face charges related to that alleged offense as well.
  • They can be sent back to jail immediately – In some cases, probation violations can result in an automatic revocation of probation, and this, in turn, can mean that people will be immediately incarcerated to serve out the term of any suspended sentence (as Colorado DUI probation can be imposed in place of a jail sentence).
  • More penalties can be imposed on them – In addition to having to go back to jail, people who’ve violated their Colorado DUI probation can also have to deal with more penalties, such as an extension of their ignition interlock requirements, additional fines, additional community service, etc.

Fact #6 – For a DUI case to be totally resolved, Colorado DUI probation has to be successfully completed. 

The bottom line when it comes to Colorado DUI probation is that this probationary period has to be successfully completed in order for a person’s DUI case to be completely resolved.

Given that Colorado DUI probation can last for some time – and that not incurring any additional legal troubles during this time is crucial to putting a DUI case in the past, it’s crucial that anyone ordered to complete Colorado DUI probation do their best to be in full compliance with the associated obligations so they can close the door on their DUI case and move on with their lives.

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