Over 300 DUI Arrests Made in Colorado over New Year’s Enforcement Period

January 9, 2015

A total of 343 DUI arrests were made by Colorado law enforcement authorities over the heightened DUI enforcement period for the New Year’s Eve (NYE) holiday, which spanned from December 30, 2014 through January 5, 2015. This specifically included:

  • Over the heightened NYE DUI enforcement period, Colorado authorities made 343 DUI arrests. Contact us for the best DUI defense. We will fight for you.

    Over the heightened NYE DUI enforcement period, Colorado authorities made 343 DUI arrests. Contact us for the best DUI defense. We will fight for you.

    47 DUI arrests in Denver

  • 49 DUI arrests in Aurora
  • 50 DUI arrests made by the Colorado State Patrol (CSP)
  • 69 DUI arrests made on NYE
  • 78 DUI arrests made on New Year’s Day.

Sponsored by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and funded through dozens of state grants, this heighted DUI enforcement period over NYE was just one of 12 such campaigns conducted throughout 2014. As CDOT reports, just over 8,000 DUI arrests were made by Colorado law enforcement officials through these campaigns in 2014.

2014 NYE DUI Arrests in Colorado Drop from Those in 2013

While 343 DUI arrests over the course of a week or so is significant, officials at CDOT and CSP were quick to point out that, over the same period last year (the 2013-2014 NYE enforcement period), nearly 100 more DUI arrests had been made. This marked a nearly 24 percent decline in DUI arrests made during this most recent NYE enforcement period.

Despite this drop in DUI arrests, however, officials were quick to note that:

  • Less DUI arrests does not necessarily mean that less people may be driving while intoxicated, as various factors (including reporting methods) can cause these numbers to fluctuate from year to year.
  • The DUI arrests for the latest NYE enforcement period were consistent with prior years (during which the three-year average for DUI arrests over this period has been 440).

As Col. Scott Hernandez, chief of CSP, has explained in relation to these DUI arrests:

Our goal is to reduce the number of both alcohol-related and non-alcohol-related traffic fatalities in 2015… last year, we increased impaired driving arrests by over 23 percent and educated people about the risks of driving impaired. We will continue to do so this year.

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