6 Things to Avoid Doing When Facing DUI Charges

May 31, 2016

What to Avoid Doing When Facing DUI Charges

What to Avoid Doing When Facing DUI Charges

When DUI charges are filed against you, what you do – and don’t do – in the following days and weeks can affect your defense case moving forward.

To clarify just how accused motorists’ actions can impact DUI defense cases, below we have revealed some of the most common missteps to avoid making when facing DUI charges.

  1. Driving on a suspended license – Taking this risk can result in additional criminal charges being filed against a driver. It can also be used by prosecutors to try to establish a pattern of violating traffic laws, as well as possibly a lack of contrition for the DUI. This combination of factors may weaken a DUI defense; it may also limit the possibility of favorable plea deals.
  2. Trying to explain yourself on social media – Posting your version of events related to your DUI stop and arrest on social media is another way to weaken a DUI defense case. This is largely due to the fact that social media postings can be used by prosecutors later, as possible evidence that you were lying about your actions on the night of the arrest or that you were, in fact, impaired.
  3. Overlooking the DMV case – Following a DUI arrest, the criminal case that proceeds in court (and determines guilt) is usually the main focus. However, there is another case – the administrative case with the DMV – that is also important to focus on if drivers want to try to preserve their driving privileges. In fact, when it comes to the DMV case, people facing DUI charges should know that they only have, at most, 7 days to request a DMV hearing (or they will automatically face a license suspension).
  4. Skipping a DUI court date – Missing a DUI court date can make it seem like you are not serious about your case or defense; it can also trigger a bench warrant to be issued for you (meaning that you can be immediately arrested if stopped by a law enforcement official).
  5. Pleading guilty right off the bat – This mistake is usually made when DUI defendants feel like they don’t have any defense options and they just want to put their case behind them. The real problem here, however, is that there may actually be a number of defense options for a particular case and that being too hasty to plead guilty can prevent the accused from realizing and pursuing any of these options.
  6. Foregoing the representation of an experienced DUI defense lawyer – Far and away, this is the one of the most harmful things anyone can do when facing DUI charges. And this is because a skilled DUI defense lawyer can be integral to determining and successfully pursuing the best defense options in a specific DUI case.

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