St. Patrick’s Day DUI Crackdown Now Underway in Colorado, CDOT Reports

March 16, 2016

St. Patrick’s Day DUI Crackdown Now Underway in Colorado, CDOT Reports

St. Patrick’s Day DUI Crackdown Now Underway in Colorado, CDOT Reports

As you make your St. Patrick’s Day party plans, don’t forget to plan for a sober ride if you will be celebrating with alcohol, as law enforcement officials across Colorado are currently running heightened patrols for the 2016 St. Patrick’s Day crackdown.

According to officials at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), this crackdown will run through Friday, March 18th and is being backed by 87 law enforcement agencies across the state, including the Colorado State Patrol (CSP).

Urging motorists to plan for safety during this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities, Col. Scott Hernandez, CSP Chief, has stated:

We strongly encourage people to plan ahead and make critical decisions before drinking. By taking alternative transportation to your destination, you can eliminate the risk of driving after drinking.

Impaired Driving-Related Deaths Spike in March, CDOT Has Revealed

While Colorado authorities are focused on cracking down on impaired drivers over St. Patrick’s Day – as part of the continuing The Heat Is On campaign, they are also intent on stepping up their DUI enforcement efforts throughout the entire month of March. And that’s because, as CDOT has reported:

In 2015, March ranked third in statewide suspected impairment fatalities with 20, trailing August (23) and September (24).

One reason, some suspect, that March tends to see a spike in impaired driving-related fatalities in Colorado is that the warming spring weather typically brings more motorists (including impaired motorists) out onto Colorado’s roads.

5 Tips for Avoiding a DUI Arrest over St. Patrick’s Day (or Any Time)

Given that law enforcement officials will be looking to arrest impaired drivers over the next few days (and, really, at any point), here are some important tips to follow when you are serious about avoiding a DUI arrest:

  1. Find a sober driver before you head to your party or celebration, and leave your car keys at home so you aren’t tempted to drive.
  2. Bring cab and/or ride service numbers with you so you have a back-up plan.
  3. Pool your money with friends to hire a party bus or limo (if you can’t find a sober ride and a lot of your friends are also looking for sober rides).
  4. Book a room somewhere close to your party.
  5. Change your plans and keep the party close to home if you can’t find a ride or room and you still want to celebrate with alcohol.

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