DUI News: Underage Man Charged with 5 Felonies, DUI Following Fatal Crash

April 8, 2016

Underage Man Charged with 5 Felonies, DUI Following Fatal Crash

Underage Man Charged with 5 Felonies, DUI Following Fatal Crash

An 18-year-old man from Centennial is currently facing five felony charges, including two DUI charges, two vehicular homicide charges and a reckless driving charge, for his involvement in a deadly crash that killed two women a week ago.

According to initial court documents, the man, who has a history of driving infractions, is currently free on a $100,000 bond.

Background on the Case

The incident at the heart of this case occurred on Friday, April 1st at around 4:30 pm. As the official police report details, the accused man was driving his sedan down Colorado Blvd. (near East Peakview Circle), speeding to pass a slower vehicle in the right lane.

That’s when the sedan reportedly t-boned another vehicle, which was trying to make a left-hand turn from Peakview onto Colorado Blvd. That vehicle contained two elderly women, both of whom were reportedly ejected from their car as a result of the crash impact. While the women suffered fatal injuries in the collision, the underage motorist, as well as his other teen passengers, only sustained minor injuries.

Investigators at the scene noted that the underage driver:

  • Smelled of alcohol and appeared to have bloodshot eyes following the crash
  • Admitted to having three beers within an hour of the collision
  • Was carrying a fake ID (from South Carolina that had his age listed as 23).

Additional Details May Be Critical to the DUI Defense Case

Given that this investigation and case are still pending, there are still many unknowns – and some of these yet-to-be-disclosed (or discovered) factors may be crucial to the underage man’s future defense case.

Specifically, details regarding the nature of the BAC testing, as well as the results of that testing, may be important to the defense in this case. Some of the questions that an experienced DUI defense lawyer would seek to answer in a defense situation like this one could include (but are by no means exclusive to):

  • Did the man submit to a breath or blood test?
  • Were the right protocols followed when these tests were administered?
  • What exactly were the BAC test results?
  • Did police Mirandize the accused man before he admitted to having a few beers?

As additional updates about this case become available, we’ll bring you the latest news in a future blog. In the meantime, share your comments on this story with us on Facebook & Google+.

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