Does My DUI Mean I Have to Have an Ignition Interlock Device Installed on My Vehicle(s)?

July 16, 2016

When ignition interlock devices are required as part of the terms of DUI sentences & probation in CO

When ignition interlock devices are required as part of the terms of DUI sentences & probation in CO

Whether you will be ordered to install an ignition interlock device (IID) on your vehicle will depend on the facts of your case and, more specifically, whether you:

  • Had an elevated BAC in the current case
  • Have any prior DUI convictions on your record
  • Refused BAC testing in the DUI stop
  • Want to try to get your license reinstated early following a DUI arrest.

Providing more details about this answer, the following are some FAQs about IID requirements for Colorado DUIs.1

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Answers about IIDs for Colorado DUIs

Q: When would someone have to have an IID for a first-time DUI in Colorado?

A: In general, a first-time DUI conviction in Colorado will be associated with an IID requirement when a motorist has:

  • Refused BAC testing during the DUI stop
  • Been found to have a BAC at or above 0.15.

In both of these situations, the IID will typically be required for 2 years, and motorists will be required to install and maintain an IID on all of their vehicles.

Q: When else would IIDs be required?

A: Subsequent BAC test refusals (in DUI stops), as well as any subsequent DUI conviction, will usually result in an IID requirement.

Q: How much ignition interlock devices cost and who pays for them?

A: Motorists ordered to install IIDs on their vehicles will have to cover the costs of these devices, which:

  • Vary from provider to provider
  • Include both the costs of installing the device, as well as maintaining/recalibrating it every 60 to 90 days – While installation costs tend to range from about $75 to $150, maintenance fees typically range from around $50 to $100.

Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify, and the Colorado DMV has further information about this assistance.1

Q: What happens if I don’t comply with the IID requirements?

A: Failing to comply with the ignition interlock device requirement for a DUI can result in:

  • A violation of your DUI probation
  • An extension of your IID requirement
  • Possibly additional fines (and/or other penalties).

Common examples of failing to comply with the IID requirement include (but are not limited to):

  • Failing to install an IID on all vehicles driven by a motorist
  • Trying to circumvent the IID by driving someone else’s vehicle
  • Getting someone else to blow into the IID
  • Trying to disable the IID
  • Submitting breath samples to the IID that are positive for alcohol – Three of these samples within a 12-month period can trigger an automatic extension of the IID requirement (if not other penalties).

Q: Where can I get an IID installed?

A: In Colorado, four companies are currently approved to provide IID services for people dealing with DUI cases and penalties. These companies include:

  • #1 A LifeSaver of CO
  • 1A Smart Start, Inc.
  • Guardian
  • Intoxalock.

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1: Additional information about IIDs for Colorado DUIs is available here, at the DMV site.

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