Colorado Office Holiday Party Crackdown Nets Nearly 600 DUI Arrests, CDOT Reports

December 24, 2015

CO Office Holiday Party Crackdown Nets Nearly 600 DUI Arrests

CO Office Holiday Party Crackdown Nets Nearly 600 DUI Arrests

In the 10 days that Colorado law enforcement officials conducted their Office Holiday Party crackdown at the beginning of December, they made 596 DUI arrests, according to the latest reports from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

This represented arrest data from more than 90 participating local law enforcement agencies, as well as the Colorado State Patrol (CSP), with the most arrests being reported by:

  • CSP, which made 96 DUI arrests
  • Denver Police Department, which made 70 DUI arrests
  • Aurora Police Department, which made 51 DUI arrests
  • Colorado Springs Police Department, which made 27 DUI arrests.

This DUI enforcement effort averaged about 60 DUI arrests in Colorado each day it was conducted. When comparing its arrest numbers to those from 2014 and 2013, however, this year reflected a:

  • 8% drop from 2014, when 645 motorists were arrested for drunk driving over this period
  • 12% decline from 2013, when 679 DUI arrest were made.

CDOT Notes that 57% of Denver Adults ‘Don’t Know the DUI Law’

While the two-year decline in DUI arrest numbers (for the Office Holiday Party period) may be the start of a promising trend, CDOT officials noted in their announcement of these arrest numbers that, “57 percent of Denver adults do not know the legal driving limit of 0.08 for a DUI.”

This finding, CDOT noted, has come from a study conducted by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. And it may indicate that, while current education and enforcement efforts to prevent drunk driving seem to be working, more work needs to be done to inform people about the legal limits and Colorado DUI laws.

Commenting on this study’s findings, CDOT Director of Transportation Safety Darrell Lingk has stated:

We’re delighted that Denver residents are looking out for their communities and proactively trying to keep their peers off the roads after consuming alcohol…However, we still have work to do — alarmingly, fewer than half of Denver residents are aware of the DUI limit. If you plan on drinking during the holidays, don’t chance a DUI. Designate a driver, or take advantage of alternative transportation options.

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