CO DUI News: Man Charged with DUI after Hitting Colorado Springs Ambulance

January 24, 2016

CO Man Arrested for DUI after Accident with Ambulance

CO Man Arrested for DUI after Accident with Ambulance

A Colorado Springs man is now facing DUI charges after his involvement in an injury accident with an ambulance last Wednesday. According to the initial police report associated with this crash and arrest, officers with the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) responded to an accident at around 6:30 pm on Jan. 20th.

Upon arriving at the scene, the driver informed police that the ambulance, which was not carrying a patient but did have its siren on at the time, had run a stop sign and caused the crash. Further investigation, however, indicated that the driver may have been the one to run a stop and cause the crash, which impacted the rear driver’s side of the ambulance and caused the vehicle to spin and then topple onto its side.

Following the wreck, the EMTs in the ambulance, as well as the driver, were taken to a nearby hospital to treat their injuries. Although the extent of these injuries has not been reported, CSPD did note that the driver was subsequently placed under arrest for DUI and other traffic infractions.

Given that the investigation and criminal case are still pending, the following details have not been released by officers:

Defense Options after DUI Accidents

In DUI cases like these that involve traffic crashes and injuries to others, having an experienced lawyer’s representation can be essential to crafting a strong defense and bringing the case to a favorable resolution.

While the specific defense options in DUI crash cases will vary from case to case (according to the specifics of the accident and DUI arrest), in general, some of the factors that can be important to a DUI crash defense can include:

  • Witness statements
  • Surveillance footage from, for instance, any nearby cameras (like red-light cameras if available)
  • Police reports, which should include more details about the accident, the BAC testing methods, and the BAC test results.

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