New CDOT DUI Campaign Targets Spanish-Speaking Motorists

August 8, 2016

New CDOT DUI Campaign Targets Spanish-Speaking Motorists

New CDOT DUI Campaign Targets Spanish-Speaking Motorists

In the ongoing effort to prevent traffic crashes and save lives, authorities at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) have recently rolled out a new DUI campaign, aimed at encouraging predominantly Spanish-speaking drivers in the state to not drive after drinking alcohol.

Via a partnership with Hispanidad (a Colorado-based ad agency), CDOT will reportedly be developing and running a series of public service announcements in Spanish to remind Hispanic motorists that buzzed and drunk driving is against the law – and that it can put their lives, as well as the lives of others on the road at risk.

With more than 1.1 million Hispanic individuals living in Colorado – and with this demographic expected to expand substantially in the next few years, CDOT’s new campaign may be coming out just in time to take a strong hold of this community, providing it with the information and resources necessary to avoid driving when impaired – and, perhaps more importantly, to avoid DUI arrests, charges and other serious repercussions.

CDOT’s Tips for Hispanic Motorists: How to Avoid a DUI & a DUI Crash

Among the specific tips that transportation safety authorities in Colorado are sharing with Hispanic drivers via this new DUI campaign include the following:

  • Find a sober driver before you go out to consume alcohol. Sober drivers are NOT the people who are the least drunk at the end of the night. They are those who have not consumed ANY alcohol.
  • Find another ride if you can’t find a sober driver. Taxis, public transportation and even ride sharing services are all available in major Colorado cities.
  • Don’t be afraid to stop a drunk friend from driving. In fact, because alcohol can impair perception and judgment, it’s not uncommon for drunk people to think they are OK to drive when, in fact, they may have BACs at or well above the legal limits (of 0.08 for those with standard driver’s licenses and 0.04 for those with commercial driver’s licenses).

Commenting on this new DUI campaign, CDOT Communications Manager Sam Cole has explained that:

Safety is a top priority for CDOT and this PSA continues our efforts to reach Colorado residents with culturally- and linguistically-relevant safety messaging… The loss and suffering that comes with drinking and driving is entirely preventable and it is critical that we work together to make everyone aware of the dangers involved when they drink and drive — hefty fines, jail time, serious injuries or worse, the loss of a life.

What do you think about this new effort to prevent DUIs – including DUI arrests and wrecks – in Colorado? Do you think it will be effective at helping some drivers make different choices when they are out drinking? Have you seen or heard any of the new PSAs for this campaign?

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