Alternative Sentencing for Colorado DUIs: FAQs

July 24, 2016

Alternative Sentencing for CO DUIs

Alternative Sentencing for CO DUIs

When DUI cases end in conviction, it may be possible to avoid some of the harsher penalties via alternative sentencing. To clarify when alternative penalties may be an option, below, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about alternative sentencing for DUIs.

Please note that the following answers are purposefully general (to be as widely applicable as possible). When you are ready to get answers related to your situation and case, as well as your best DUI defense options, simply contact a Denver DUI lawyer at the Griffin Law Firm.

Helpful Answers about Alternative Penalties for Colorado DUIs

Q – What types of alternative penalties are available for DUI cases in Colorado?

A – Depending on the nature of a DUI case and the criminal record of an individual, there may be a wide range of alternative sentencing options available, most of which are alternatives to serving out a traditional jail (or prison) sentence. These can include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Probation
  • Alcohol treatment and/or education
  • House arrest
  • Furlough or work release options
  • Serving out the jail sentence over the weekends.

Q – When are these alternatives available?

A – In general, a court may be more inclined to hand down an alternative DUI sentence if or when:

  • The DUI did not involve any aggravating circumstances, such as a car accident, significant property damage and/or injuries to others.
  • The convicted individual has a relatively clean criminal record (like one with no prior DUIs).
  • The convicted individual had a relatively low BAC.

Typically, alternative sentencing is invoked when the court decides that the individual (and/or community) may be better served with the lesser penalty. It will not be an option when the court sees the convicted individual as a threat or risk to public safety.

Q – What if I already have a prior DUI? Am I out of luck for alternative sentencing?

A – Not necessarily; alternative sentencing can still be an option for people with multiple DUI convictions. In fact, even when felony DUI cases end in conviction, it may still be possible to seek alternative penalties – like alcohol treatment in lieu of prison time. In these situations, it will usually be necessary to express a desire for treatment (i.e., the alternative) to the court.

Q – What happens if someone fails to satisfy any of these alternative penalties?

A – When alternative DUI sentencing has been granted, failing to satisfy the requirement(s) associated with the penalty can result in:

  • Immediate remand to jail or prison, where the complete sentence may have to be served
  • Additional criminal charges and/or cases,  which could also trigger additional jail or prison time.

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