August, 2015

First Felony DUI Charges Filed in Mesa County

August 31, 2015

The Sheriff’s Department in Mesa County officially filed the first felony DUI charges in the county last week against a 36-year-old woman from Clifton. This case is likely to be…
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Colorado DUI Enforcement Efforts Have Been Stepped Up for Upcoming Labor Day Weekend

August 24, 2015

For the next two weeks, law enforcement agencies throughout Colorado will be increasing their focus on arresting drunk drivers as part of the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) annual Labor…
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CDOT Gives $86,000 in Grants to Support Summit County DUI Enforcement Efforts

August 17, 2015

Five law enforcement agencies in Summit County have recently been given about $86,000 in grants to share between them for enhanced DUI enforcement efforts for the next 12 months. Coming…
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Entering a Plea in a Criminal Case: FAQs

August 8, 2015

When facing criminal charges, people will generally have to respond to the charges by entering a plea to them. The plea entry for a case is an important strategic move…
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