February, 2015

Colorado DUI Probation: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 2)

February 28, 2015

Continuing from Colorado DUI Probation: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 1), below, we’ll pick this discussion back up by revealing some more important things that you may need to know…
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Colorado DUI Probation: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 1)

February 24, 2015

DUIs can come with various penalties upon conviction. However, while many people are focused on whether they will have to go to jail after their DUI arrest and/or how much…
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Prosecutorial Misconduct: Las Animas DA Admits Mishandling Cases 

February 16, 2015

The district attorney for Las Animas and Huerfano counties – Third Judicial District Attorney Frank Ruybalid – has recently copped to mishandling more than 12 criminal cases since 2010 as…
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Colorado Hit-and-Run Charges Often Dismissed, Study Finds

February 8, 2015

Colorado hit-and-run charges can be very serious and can result in some harsh, long-lasting penalties upon conviction. However, a recent study conducted by the Denver Post has found that these…
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