CO DUI News: Woman Charged with Two Counts of Vehicular Homicide, DUI after Fatal Crash in Franktown

February 29, 2016

Fatal Crash in Franktown results in DUI, Vehicular Homicide Charges.

Fatal Crash in Franktown results in DUI, Vehicular Homicide Charges.

A 27-year-old woman has been charged with DUI and two counts of vehicular homicide for allegedly causing a fatal traffic collision in Franktown, Colorado this past Saturday.

According to the initial police report, the deadly wreck occurred at around 1:30 pm Saturday, Feb. 27th on Highway 83, roughly 45 miles north of Colorado Springs. The collision took place when a Honda Accord being driven by the woman reportedly veered over the center line and headed into oncoming traffic.

At that point, the Accord hit two motorcycles, causing two riders on one motorcycle to be thrown from their bikes. While these riders, who were not wearing helmets, reportedly died at the scene of the accident, the rider of the other motorcycle only sustained minor injuries. The woman driving the Accord reportedly suffered serious injuries and, following treatment, was booked into the Douglas County jail.

The charges that authorities have filed against her include (but aren’t necessarily limited to)

  • DUI charges
  • DUI per se charges
  • Vehicular homicide while driving under the influence (2 counts)
  • Assault charges.

According to authorities, the crash is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

After Deadly DUI Accidents: Defense Options for the Accused

In DUI cases like these that involve fatal traffic crashes, understanding the defense options for the accused typically hinges on uncovering other important details, only some of which may include:

  • The blood alcohol content (BAC) of the accused woman
  • How the woman’s BAC was tested
  • Whether the crash was, in fact, caused by the woman
  • Whether factors other than impairment (e.g., road, weather and/or other conditions) may have contributed to the crash
  • Whether the motorcycle riders may also have been impaired and/or were somehow violating traffic laws prior to the collision.

Although details regarding the above factors have not been released by the authorities due to the ongoing investigation and criminal case, what is clear at this time is that:

  • The woman in question is facing incredibly serious charges, the penalties for which could land her in prison.
  • Bringing her case to the best possible resolution will require the help and experience of a DUI defense attorney, who can determine and help her pursue her best defense options.

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